Injured on the Job?

Steps to Follow

Be prepared when an on-the-job accident or work-related illness happens by following these steps:

  1. Seek immediate, appropriate medical attention at the nearest medical facility (if warranted).  The Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Law (KRS Chapter 342) states that an employee who sustains a work-related injury or disease is entitled to immediate and continuing medical treatment at the expense of the employer. Treatment may include medical, surgical and hospital treatment, and prescribed items such as drugs, braces, prostheses and wheelchairs.
  1. Report the injury to your immediate supervisor as soon as possible. Your supervisor will ask you about the cause of injury and note any unsafe working conditions and/or equipment to prevent the accident from happening again. All accidents should be reported – no matter how minor the incident. This will help identify hazards and prevent future injuries. Reporting promptly helps prevent problems and delays in receiving benefits.
  1. Check with your employer to see if someone has completed and submitted a Report of Injury Form (IA-1 Form) to ClearPath Mutual. Kentucky statutes require the form is to be sent within three (3) days of the employer’s knowledge of the incident.
  1. You will be contacted by the Claims Representative who is assigned to your claim.